Audition Sides

Character Descriptions and Sides for

NEW YORK by David Rimmer

Selected dialogue is highlighted. You may be asked to read additional material from the script. For sides, click the link following the character description.

DOCTOR – (M or F, any age) a warm, welcoming person who listens and reacts with great compassion and understanding, but also keeps a professional demeanor. A great listener without ego (both character and performer). A decent hard-working, caring person.  DOCTOR Side

BABYSITTER (F, pre-teen, or able to play it) If the actress is too young, she won’t be a believable babysitter, if she’s older, then it won’t be believable that she has the unawareness of basic human psychology that makes the scene work. The girl’s distressed, sullen, angry – doesn’t want to be in a psychiatrist’s office, but is also able to show her relief and truly sweet nature when she learns that what she’s been thinking isn’t wrong, awful, or selfish. BABYSITTER Side

CAREGIVER – (M or F, any age) Someone who can do a blazing, speedy comic monologue. Lack of sleep and overwork have brought him to this weird, crucible-like moment in his life, and his way of dealing with it is turning it into a stand-up routine. Incredibly verbal and clever, but should also be capable of showing compassion, empathy, and a great weariness with life.  CAREGIVER Side

DETECTIVE (TONY) – (M, mid-30s-middle-aged, or able to play it) AN experienced NYPD homicide detective. His method of solving murders is extreme empathy – he gets into the head of the victim, and though that, the perpetrator. The trouble now is he volunteered to sift through WTC debris to find traces of victims for their families. But he can’t deal with such a senseless crime and his empathetic powers are driving him mad, into grand delusion. He’s actually channeling and acting out the lives and thoughts of WTC victims, and has been removed from his post, which causes him even more distress, and is what leads him to the DOCTOR’s office. He’s deeply distrustful of the DOCTOR at first, but the DOCTOR gradually wins his confidence and he shows a glimmer of hope at the end. And even in the midst of his despair and horror, he’s able to find some humor – if only to get him through it.  DETECTIVE (TONY) Side

DUFF – (M, early 20s-early 30s, or able to play it) Has a drinking problem, but hides it – along with all his emotions, usually through a comic routine or riff that has a stand-up feel to it. Immature and secretive, like a little kid at times, a bad boy. Appealing and attractive, but totally in denial about his problems and deeply disconnected from his true feelings. DUFF Side

FIREMAN (M, mid-20s-mid-40s or able to play it) Should suggest the physical strength needed for the job. Hurting badly right now, but has an observant, skewed sense of humor (he might be the class clown of his firehouse) – a sharp judge of people and their follies. At the moment, hates himself and the world, but never loses sight of the absurd comic humor of it all. FIREMAN Side

JULIA (F, elderly or able to play it) Elderly, but still lively and quick with hints of her girlish self often coming through; Hungarian accent. Suffering at the moment, hesitant and nervous, doddering a little, doesn’t want to be where she is. Able to tell a good story and make people laugh – a very winning personality. In great emotional distress, but can show gratitude, affection and compassion. JULIA Side

MARY – (40s or 50s, or able to play it) A career woman, but warm and nurturing, with a dry sense of humor about herself. Unmarried and childless, but shows deep love for her nieces and nephews and immediate family. At first she treats her visit to the DOCTOR as if she’s going to the dentist to get a tooth removed but other, deeper issues arise – her extremely low self-esteem and a particularly upsetting memory of 9/11. Through it all, she never feels sorry for herself, even blames herself for her problems. Basically a truly good person who doesn’t know it. MARY Side

NEWSGIRL (DEVON) – (F, 20s or 30s, or able to play it) A deeply conflicted woman who’s also hilarious about herself and her predicament. Tremendously self-conscious, intelligent and quick. A popular television personality. A comedy scene. NEWSGIRL (DEVON) Side

OKLAHOMA – (M, mid-20s-mid-30s or able to play it) Underneath the physicality of a working man capable of strenuous and dangerous labor is a real romantic – deeply moral and self-condemning. He’s in love and his guilt about a previous relationship is eating him up.  OKLAHOMA (JED) Side

PILOT (SUZANNE) – (F, mid-30s-middleage) A strong woman in a male-dominated profession, a pioneer in her field. Serious and determined about the story she has to tell, even angry at times, but just as evident is compassion, wit, and a vulnerability about personal matters. PILOT (SUZANNE) Side

PLANE GUY – (M, any age from 20s, or able to play it) Deeply disturbed and delusional but wears it lightly. Basically harmless, he believes that he blew up the World Trade Center and at times it bothers him, but most of the time he has a charming modest pride about it. Moments of genuine pain, but this is another comedy scene. The actor should be able to walk the fine line between insanity and comic timing.  PLANE GUY Side

STEP-DAUGHTER (SARAH) – (F, mid-late teens, or able to play it) By far the most mature and capable person in her dysfunctional family. Lower-class background, from a bad neighborhood in Queens, NY. Her mother, father, and potential stepfather aren’t giving her much in the way of role models, and she has a lot of distance on them, with a sneaking affection stealing its way into her emotions from time to time. She’s smart, funny, and a lot of her tough-chick attitude is only on the surface.  STEPDAUGHTER (SARAH) Side

TEACHER – (M or F, any age) Loves his or her students and isn’t afraid to show it – wants to give them a positive lesson in the midst of tragedy. Incredibly responsive to their needs and fears. Not without a wry sense of humor or the ability to quiet a noisy classroom. Wants to show the kids bad things don’t happen every day and that love of family and friends is the way to overcome fear and hatred.  TEACHER Side

VIGIL (STEVEN) – (M, mid-30-mid-40s, or able to play it) No matter what, he should seem youthful, younger than his age. He’s gay and occasionally indulges in campy humor, but for the most part plays life straight, because he works in a straight world. He’s fairly chummy with the DOCTOR (the only character who’s a regular patient) and the DOCTOR lightens up around him, too. He like to make the DOCTOR laugh, but most of all, he struggles to maintain his optimism and cheer through tough personal times. He’s always reminding himself to stop thinking about bad things and focus on the good. VIGIL (STEVEN) Side