The Coffee Shop by Baltimore Native Davis Gable Opens Soon!

Show Flyer 1 (1)

Set in Rosedale, a small suburb in East Baltimore County, The Coffee Shop tells the story of a year, told in four snapshots mirroring the four seasons, of the lives of six friends who frequently gather in a local, popular coffee shop to discuss life, love, triumphs, disappointments, and especially other residents of Rosedale. Among the six friends are the owner of the shop, Carley Duvall, who’s managed to forge a life for herself on her own; Mandy Stanton, a young woman who’s recently returned to her hometown and trying to rediscover herself; Connor Carpenter, the wealthy, debonair son of a U.S. Senator; Michelle Winters, a big sister who might be a little controlling and over-protective; Brandon Winters, a young man and little brother who’s just starting out in life with big dreams of a bright future; and Logan Carrington, the wealthiest man from the wealthiest family in Rosedale with a flamboyant air and sharp tongue.

A cross between the TV show Friends and the play/film Steel Magnolias, The Coffee Shop gives you a peek into the lives of this group of friends as they navigate through a year of holiday festivals, scandals, marriages, graduations, romances, sickness, and everything in between. Change is a good thing but the constants are nice, too, and even when life gets crazy and throws you into a whirlwind, it’s good ti know you’ll always have your friends to help you through.



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